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Yesterday I finally got a chance to cut the grass and trim it along the sides. It looked like a jungle. I should have uploaded a “before and after” picture but this is the outcome of what it looks like now. Just missing one or 2 plants and that’s my wonderful garden back for the summer. 🙂

2014-05-17 09.20.01 1
Today I started off the weekend healthy once again. A colleague in work and her friend I done another 5k walk this morning at 11am. Again it was for a good cause, this time the MS Therapy Centre. They even run the software I am working for.

So after being so healthy over the last couple of weeks, I thought it might be a nice idea to buy a blender and start making some smoothies. Now I know my colleague/friend Sandra will disagree with some of the smoothie and the amount of them but I am delighted even to have a proper blender/ smoothie maker now. First one I tried today was just to mix anything I could find. The smoothie I had was natural yoghurt, blackberries, strawberries and banana. The banana was actually the one that I gave the taste. I made one before that for Dermot and didn’t have that much taste. There is so many different recipes out there.

The newest thing at the moment seem to be green smoothies which contain vegetable like spinach. Tell me your favourite smoothie recipe. It would be great to try it out as a smoothie maker newbie. 🙂


Bonding Time

Today was a mixed day. A bit of rain and a bit of sunshine but in the end it turned out ok and it was actually warm enough to go out with just a light jumper and no jacket.

The morning we spent in the house playing. Couldn’t really do much more but thank got the weather picked up in the afternoon then.

2014-05-11 10.21.34 1

2014-05-11 10.26.38 1 

While Matthew was sleeping in the back of the car Dermot and I enjoyed a cone of ice cream in Strandhill in the lovely sunshine. It was the perfect weather for taking photos along the sea.

2014-05-11 15.07.10
Afternoon was spent outside picking daisies. Matthew is obsessed with flowers but he loves the daisies best. Picks up any he can find and hands them to me. Very cute. 🙂

2014-05-11 06.38.25 2

2014-05-11 06.44.13 1

2014-05-11 06.45.44 1

He then had some bonding time with Bailey. There is times he actually slaps him so much I don’t know how the cat is allowing it. Feel sorry for him sometimes but he knows well if he hurts Matthew in any way he is dead. One little scratch would teach him a lesson though not to slap him all the time. 🙂

2014-05-11 06.48.02 1 
Enjoy the last hours of the weekend everyone before Monday Madness starts again.

A Quick Run

Today we had a busy day. Started very early. And when I say early, I mean early.  I had to get up at 3.15am as a few colleagues in work and me decided to walk/run 5k. It was all for a good cause of course. Its called “Darkness into Light”. Great fun it was. I’d say ill be doing that again next year.


2014-05-12 13.33.45

So after the run I thought I might be all hyper and cook some breakfast… Complete opposite. As soon as I got into the house, everything is quiet, I decided to go for a 2 hour nap and I’m glad I did.

Matthew and I done the grocery shopping before lunch time and then we all went into town to meet a friend and her 5 months old baby girl. She’s so cute. Wouldn’t mind babysitting her any day. 🙂 Very quiet and well behaved little girl.

After Matthews nap and dinner we went outside to get some fresh air. This time I took out his Mickey Mouse ride on. He loves it. Will be doing that more often.


Original plan was to get Matthew’s feet measured again but it was too much excitement for him meeting Moya that we had to skip this. He’s still in pre walkers after wearing them for 2 months now. He should be really wearing normal shoes. So will be doing that Monday evening.

Good night everyone for now.

Please keep sharing my blog. Thanks so much. 🙂


Productive Week

Wednesday already… This week seems to be flying.

At the weekend we decided to buy a potty for Matthew. So now our house is a proud owner of one. 🙂 I might try and start him on it at the weekend because during the week it’s just too hectic after work.  This will make life easier with changing. He is a bit of a nightmare when it comes to changing his nappy the last few weeks. Boys. 🙂

Today has been quite a productive day. The travel agency finally got back to me which means our holiday at the end of the month is still on the list.  Woop!! The flights can be booked this week. Very exciting. I haven’t been on a proper summer holidays in 3 years so this will be a treat.

Matthew loves the new car. Very spacious. No excuse now to go on long journeys around Ireland. 🙂 I think our first stop will be Cork. I am thinking of going to Fota Island. Everyone has been talking about it and it is a very family friendly place with lots of things to do for kids. Matthew will enjoy it I think. He always likes new places.

Oh yeah check out my little man in his jersey.

imageReady for the World Cup for sure 


Today I need your opinions.

I am going to a wedding at the end of May. I haven’t picked my dress yet. (I’d like to be one of the “short notice people”) Because is the summer I was thinking of something bright and colourful. Whether it is going to a short dress or a maxi dress I am not sure. Leave me your opinions below in a comment or you can send me an email too…

Oh yeah, I haven’t told you about my run I am doing next weekend. It is called “Darkness into Light”. The reason why it is called that is because the run starts at 4.15am!!! in the morning. Check out the website if you are someone living in Ireland. It’s all for a good cause.

On the other note, we got a new car. 🙂 It’s an Audi Q3. Family car. So much more space and it fits a lot more in the boot than my old car.

2014-05-03 20.57.57

This weekend is a bank holiday again which means Monday off.  I would have had plans tomorrow to bring Matthew swimming again but I am still not happy about his cough and his runny nose. I don’t want to make it worse so we probably have to plan something else.

I am finally making progress on the holiday I won to Tenerife. We decided now that it is going to be a girly week away rather than a family holiday. Matthew is yet still too young to fly 4 hours straight and then go through the heat there.
My friend Karo and I will be going at the end of May if everything goes well. I am just waiting on the confirmation of the travel agency to see if there is anything available. Fingers crossed. It will be nice to get away to warm place. I admire all people that live in Florida or Australia. 🙂

Bubbles & Snail Mail

Today we had some great fun blowing bubbles. Once you stop the crying starts. 🙂




On another note… at the moment I am trying to take up my other hobby again which was snail mail. If anyone is out there who would like to write letters, please leave a comment. 🙂 I be delighted.

My hometown

Hello peeps. Today I thought I might write something completely different. Not my day to day life. I’d like to introduce you to my hometown.

As some of you may know I am originally from Germany. The town I was born and raised in is called Waren. I lived here for 19 years of life until I decided to move to Ireland and do something different.
Some small facts about Waren below:

Name: Waren (Mueritz)
Population: 21.000

Map picture


The town is also known as a climatic spa. The reason why it is so popular really is because it is located by the biggest lake of Germany called “Mueritz”. It is also surrounded by many other lakes. I know what you are thinking… Perfect for a summer holiday. That’s right. 🙂 We are getting a lot of tourists between the season of April and October. It can be mad sometimes. To be honest too many tourist can be annoying. 🙂

DSC01303 Waren Train Station

2013-06-23 14.45.20 Beautiful Gardens by the lake

2013-06-23 15.48.09 Town Centre with Shops and Restaurants

2014-04-09 15.47.58 Market Square

2013-06-26 17.49.19 This lake is near the house where I used to go swimming as a child

2014-03-30 13.34.07 View over the lake Mueritz and the Church

2014-04-01 11.56.57 Little Train going around the town

You are probably thinking now “ Why did she move away from such a gorgeous place?” Love always wins doesn’t it? 🙂 Nothing more to be said.

It’s always great to come back for a visit once a year. Summer is normally the best time of the year because you can sit outside and can actually do stuff. During the winter it is pretty much dead in town. Nothing going on.

2014-03-30 15.17.27 Aquarium

The 3 biggest events happening every year would be the “Mueritz Sail”, the “Mueritz Run” and the “Mueriz Swim”.
The “Mueritz Sail” usually attracts over 50.000 people. I think it is usually on for 3 days. I haven’t been in years unfortunately.

Waren has turned 750 years last year.

There is some good websites out there to find out some more information if you were ever interested in visiting:

Photo Models

Today we got our CD with the photo shooting we went to 2 weeks ago in Charlestown. We were blown away by the photos. They are just amazing.

Big thanks to Olga.

If you think of getting photos done with your little ones or even of you little ones, give Olga a follow on Facebook. She is brilliant!!!

Her website is You will see the work she does and also the different packages she offers.

See all other photos from our shoot in the album below:

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all enjoy your Easter hunt. 😀 still have to setup ours!


Spring is here

What a lovely day it was again today. We were able to be outside pretty much the whole day.

The day started off a bit unexpected though. Originally we were supposed to be going to Dublin to look at a new couch. Then I found out my battery in my car was flat because I left the key in engine and must have left the radio on when Matthew was sleeping in it. *oops* So spent the whole morning to get that fixed again.

Then I completely forgot that it’s Easter Sunday tomorrow and all shops are closed so I had to do the grocery shopping today. That was the Dublin trip out the window. But to be honest I am glad we didn’t go as Matthew was so bad behaved today due to his cold he has. Not his fault but it can be hard sometimes.
(By the way, has anyone any advice what to do with a constant runny nose? All tips welcome!!! Because he is only small so he wouldn’t know how to blow his nose. He cough a lot. 😦 )

It was so nice today that we decided to go the playground before lunch. Matthew really enjoyed himself. He had to try out everything. That is slide, horsey and swing.

2014-04-19 12.01.16 Swing time

2014-04-19 12.01.33

2014-04-19 12.09.48 Horsey

2014-04-19 12.14.15Running around

As it is Easter and it is normally all about chocolate I thought I treat Matthew to a new toy. So we went to Smyths together and bought him a slide for the garden. He loves it! Doesn’t want to stop sliding down. I sent the cat down it, too. Probably illegal but Matthew found it hilarious. 🙂

2014-04-19 17.40.15

2014-04-19 17.41.30

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