Cool dude

What a lovely day it was today. Sunny all, blue sky, perfect for a family day out.

Started off with a nice walk in the morning in Strandhill. Of course I needed to have an ice cream in that beautiful weather. We found this new playground in Strandhill by strolling around a caravan car park. So much better than the one in the park near our house. Think this will be the go to place now.

In the afternoon we met up with our German friends in Bundoran. Plan was to go to Water World which changed a bit. First of all Matthew’s nap went on a bit late and then second sea session was on. So the place was absolutely packed with the lovely weather on top of that. So you can imagine how annoying it can be to look for a space for 30mins. Found one eventually but friends were already finished. We went in anyway for 45mins.
Matthew wasn’t so sure at the start. He cried his eyes out in fact. There was this cup thing in the toddler pool that spilled water every now and then. He wasn’t sure what to make of it.
Eventually he came around after 15mins and we had some great swim time in the big pool. He absolutely loved it in the end. So looks like we might bring him more often now during the summer.

After that we went for something to eat in KFC. Even though we said no fast food this time. 😀 but the town was packed with drunk people from the festival.


Weekend flew. Back to work tomorrow.


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