Tenerife Holiday

So Wednesday, 28th May 2014, Karo and I were finally approaching our free holiday in Tenerife.
After a long flight for both of us we finally met at Tenerife South Airport at 7pm, took our rental car and drove to the Spring Hotel Vulcano. As we didn’t have a sat nav we drove around in circles first. *lol* But after studying the map a bit better we got there eventually. 🙂

First stop after the check-in was dinner. We had half board with a buffet every morning and evening. So you can imagine we ate a lot over that week. We actually planned on taking a photo of a big plate full of dessert that we ate on a daily basis. *lol*

First day was really Thursday. We took it easy for the first day and went to the beach to catch some sun.

DSC04494 The beach

I went for a swim in the atlantic ocean as well. It was a bit cold at first but alright after.

We walked a long the promenade after. And only in the evening we noticed that we got maybe a bit too much sun. 🙂

DSC04514 The promenade


Day 3, Friday 30th May 2014, we drove up North to the Loro Park. It’s only an hour away. That’s how small the island is. It is amazing how the weather can change in that hour. From 25 degrees to 14 degrees because it is up in the mountains with fog and rain!


I’ve been to this park with my mum a few years ago but I think they have added a few new things in the mean time.
This is Loro Parque in pictures:

DSC04570 Tank of fish

DSC04583 The Park Map



The Dolphin show:


The Orca Show: (if you sat in the splash zone you were guaranteed to get soaked 🙂 )


Day 4, Saturday 31st May 2014, we drove up up the “gigantic”cliffs called Los Gigantes.

There is this old tree up further north called El Drago. So drove up the mountains to look for it but ended up just going to the town that was hit by a vulcano hundred years ago as the roads were ridiculous getting around. So many bends!

In the afternoon we went to Hard Rock Cafe for a cocktail and some food.

DSC04769 DSC04766
DSC04768 Yummy Cheese Burger

DSC04767 And this was our mad waiter

In the evening we decided to watch the sunset.

Monday we went to a water park only around the corner from us called Siam Park. I didn’t take any photos because most was slides. Great fun! I recommend it to anyone who is going to Tenerife.
This is the website: www.siampark.net

2014-06-02 16.14.14
2014-06-02 16.12.26
Some slides were quite scary. One was called “The tower of power”. It was straight down through a tunnel full of sharks god knows how high it was. I queued for it with Karo… but didn’t have the guts then and waited at the bottom for her. 🙂

Our last evening we captured the sunset one more time and got a guy to do a caricature. Pretty funny looking. 🙂 Also we found a sweet shop after a few days. Most is Haribo! Delicious!

2014-06-03 20.43.43 

Here are some more photos we took the last day of the beach…

The day of our departure we treated ourselves to a nice lunch outside in the sun. Sandwich, tomato soup and Spaghetti Bolognese.

2014-06-04 13.25.59 
That was our trip. Very relaxing week. And as a result of the sun and the heat I am tanned. 😀 No longer white. *lol*

Happy reading. And don’t forget to share my blog. 🙂


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