Lunch & Landscape

Yesterday we went for food in Strandhill with Dermot and Matthew, too. Of course our favourite restaurant Bella Vista.
We went to have some yummy ice cream after. There is this new place at the beach called “Mamma Johnston’s”. They have mad flavours of ice cream. Just to mention a few of them Snickers, Bueno, Oreo, Bubble Gum. I had a scoop of Blue Smurf and Snickers. Matthew enjoyed some Blue Smurf too. Up to he didn’t like ice cream at all. He didn’t know what to make of the shape and how cold it is.

2014-05-24 14.46.23

Later in the afternoon Karo and me went off again for a bit of sightseeing around the area to see if we can find anything new we haven’t seen yet. And we found some lovely beaches.
There is the main one called Streedagh just 10 mins outside of Sligo.

2014-05-24 16.36.23
2014-05-24 16.36.29
We discovered another beach beside the other one and decided to have a stroll around. Amazing views!

2014-05-24 16.57.25 As you can see in that picture, it is rock all over. Karo decided to do a bit of climbing around to see what’s behind it. You would think there is nothing there like on the picture but there is such a beautiful view on the ocean behind this.

2014-05-24 16.59.28
2014-05-24 17.03.04
2014-05-24 17.13.16
2014-05-24 17.16.17
2014-05-24 17.16.36 Selfie Time

2014-05-24 17.19.36 You might have figured out that Karo likes climbing 🙂

Great spot to get some lovely landscape photos though. I didn’t regret that we went.


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