Wedding time

My friend and godmother Karo to Matthew came over on Thursday for a visit. Well, mainly for a wedding of a friend of hers. 🙂
Friday was the big day her friend and ex work colleague Jule got married.
The ceremony was in Boyle 30 mins down the road.

DSC04427The ceremony setup

DSC04435 The wedding bus

After the ceremony we drove to Kilronan Castle where the reception was held. With a bit of difficulty at the start we got there eventually. 🙂

DSC04438 The wedding cake

The setup was very well done I have to say. I loved the idea of using Chalkboards around the area. Definitely a different touch to a wedding.


  Cutting the cake

The wedding favours they had were Gingerbread “Lebkuchen” as the bride is originally from Germany.
The food itself was delicious. I never complain about food ever anyway. 🙂 The starter was Goats Cheese with a bit of salad. I never really liked Goats Cheese but I gave it a try this time and it was really nice with the salad. The sub starter was yummy too. It was a sorbet.
For main course we had a choice of Beef or Sea Bass. We went for the beef. Loved it of course! The vegetables with it were amazing. So tasty! I am actually getting hungry now writing this.
For dessert we had panacotta. Tasty too of course. Thumbs up!

2014-05-23 20.14.26 
Karo and I didn’t stay overnight and we also didn’t know anyone at the party anyways, so we drove back to Sligo at midnight. Had a great time though.

It’ always great to go to all sorts of weddings, that way I can take note for my own one. 🙂


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