Productive Week

Wednesday already… This week seems to be flying.

At the weekend we decided to buy a potty for Matthew. So now our house is a proud owner of one. 🙂 I might try and start him on it at the weekend because during the week it’s just too hectic after work.  This will make life easier with changing. He is a bit of a nightmare when it comes to changing his nappy the last few weeks. Boys. 🙂

Today has been quite a productive day. The travel agency finally got back to me which means our holiday at the end of the month is still on the list.  Woop!! The flights can be booked this week. Very exciting. I haven’t been on a proper summer holidays in 3 years so this will be a treat.

Matthew loves the new car. Very spacious. No excuse now to go on long journeys around Ireland. 🙂 I think our first stop will be Cork. I am thinking of going to Fota Island. Everyone has been talking about it and it is a very family friendly place with lots of things to do for kids. Matthew will enjoy it I think. He always likes new places.

Oh yeah check out my little man in his jersey.

imageReady for the World Cup for sure 


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