My hometown

Hello peeps. Today I thought I might write something completely different. Not my day to day life. I’d like to introduce you to my hometown.

As some of you may know I am originally from Germany. The town I was born and raised in is called Waren. I lived here for 19 years of life until I decided to move to Ireland and do something different.
Some small facts about Waren below:

Name: Waren (Mueritz)
Population: 21.000

Map picture


The town is also known as a climatic spa. The reason why it is so popular really is because it is located by the biggest lake of Germany called “Mueritz”. It is also surrounded by many other lakes. I know what you are thinking… Perfect for a summer holiday. That’s right. 🙂 We are getting a lot of tourists between the season of April and October. It can be mad sometimes. To be honest too many tourist can be annoying. 🙂

DSC01303 Waren Train Station

2013-06-23 14.45.20 Beautiful Gardens by the lake

2013-06-23 15.48.09 Town Centre with Shops and Restaurants

2014-04-09 15.47.58 Market Square

2013-06-26 17.49.19 This lake is near the house where I used to go swimming as a child

2014-03-30 13.34.07 View over the lake Mueritz and the Church

2014-04-01 11.56.57 Little Train going around the town

You are probably thinking now “ Why did she move away from such a gorgeous place?” Love always wins doesn’t it? 🙂 Nothing more to be said.

It’s always great to come back for a visit once a year. Summer is normally the best time of the year because you can sit outside and can actually do stuff. During the winter it is pretty much dead in town. Nothing going on.

2014-03-30 15.17.27 Aquarium

The 3 biggest events happening every year would be the “Mueritz Sail”, the “Mueritz Run” and the “Mueriz Swim”.
The “Mueritz Sail” usually attracts over 50.000 people. I think it is usually on for 3 days. I haven’t been in years unfortunately.

Waren has turned 750 years last year.

There is some good websites out there to find out some more information if you were ever interested in visiting:


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