Spending time in Germany

Even though we have received bad news on Saturday 29th March, we still had to make the best out of the visit as Matthew couldn’t be in the house all the time. He wasn’t really adjusting to the new environment anyways.

2014-03-30 15.02.58 At the playground

2014-03-30 15.04.21 At the playground with godmother Karo

2014-03-30 15.17.46

“Mueritzeum” which is an aquarium. Unfortunately we didn’t get the time to visit but hopefully next time.

2014-04-02 16.38.55 Matthew went to McDonald’s for the first time in Germany and had his first Happy Meal. He loved it.

2014-04-03 10.07.36 Fascinated with the Easter decoration.

IMG-20140331-WA0003 Loving the bubble machine in town

2014-04-01 11.56.57 Choo Choo

2014-04-09 15.47.58Market Square

It was nice weather most of the time but Dermot did end up taking some walks in the rain too. 🙂

In that time I was able to squeeze in a few hours to meet an old friend who is now pregnant as well. Very excited for her.

With the help of the neighbours we only needed to stay 2 1/2 weeks to sort everything out. I think I done good to be able to organise/cancel all those things in such a small period of time.

We are hoping to come back to my hometown once a year. It is still my hometown after all and I want my kids to know where mammy grew up. 🙂


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