Introducing FatMumSlim ( Blogger)


Today I am going to write about something completely different.


Name: Chantelle

Let me introduce you to this amazing girl. This is the reason why I started blogging again.
I don’t even quite remember how I came to this website but I think the main reason was instagram. I started following friends and other people and they used the hashtag #fmsphotoaday quite a lot. So I done some research on it to see where this is coming from and what it means.

That’s how I found fatmumslim aka. Chantelle.

If you are into photography and social networking I highly recommend her blog and projects.

Definition #fmsphotoaday: This is a fun game really that involves taking photos everyday all around you and instagram or Facebook.
Chantelle is posting a photo every month end. So for example below this is for March.

2014-02-23 20.24.58
Some prompts can be quite tricky but you will get used to it overtime. If you follow me on instagram (janine0187) you will see some examples. I have been a bit lazy for the March Photo Challenge but the previous months have been pretty good. 🙂

So take out your phone or camera and start snapping away. It’s great fun. You have to use #fmsphotoaday as if you are lucky she will be pick you as one of the lucky 4 the next day that caught her or the admins eye.

This is not the only thing she does. Have a read through her blog. She started a new project called “Scattered Love” for example. or lovely Juice and Food recipes.


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  1. Chantelle Ellem
    Mar 20, 2014 @ 20:29:38

    What a beautiful post to wake up to. Thank you so much for writing such lovely things. x


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