House Bound Day 3

So on Thursday the viral infection gave me the rest.
I collected Matthew from creche and we went for a walk outside. It was nice but there was still a little chill. So at the end of of our walk my ear started going funny as if you have water in your ear. It wouldn’t go away. Really painful!
So I ended up going to the out of hours doctor at 9pm. Took 2 antibiotics and another 4 that night.

Yesterday I spent the whole day in bed and on the couch. I couldn’t move my ear. The most annoying thing is that I can only lie and sleep on the right hand side!

Today it is improving a bit. I was able to leave the house to go to the shop but that was already enough. Ear infection has improved a tiny bit. I still can’t hear.
I really hope its going to be better by Monday so we can go to the st Patrick’s parade.

Matthew in the meantime has picked up a tickly cough and also today it seems that he got light conjunctivitis. Little puss is building every now and then and he is constantly rubbing it. Poor little guy.

Daddy has a hard time minding us both. Lol but I hope this is the end of it,  now that spring is here. No more illnesses until next winter please!!!


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