House bound & antibiotics

So this morning I decided to stay home. I have been off form since Sunday. Sore throat but now it is just unbearable. It is painful to swallow. 😦

I decided to go to the doctor. Thank god it is not tonsillitis but a very bad sore throat. He said it is a viral infection. In that case antibiotics don’t work but they can give you some relief. Dissolved tablets and gargling the water definitely doesn’t work but he said to get Ibuprofen tablets… OMG what a relief even though the dosage only lasts for up to 3 hours but it is great being able to eat and drink with no pain.
He wrote me off work so I am off work the whole week. Not back to work until Wednesday because Monday is a bank holiday and I took off Tuesday the other day. I should recover within that week I hope. Don’t wish anyone to have this.

After the doctors, as I was in Strandhill already anyway, I decided to go for a little walk at the beach to get some fresh before being house bound again. Got some great shots as it was sunny but misty this morning.

2014-03-12 11.11.51 
 2014-03-12 11.12.01
Afternoon I was relaxing with my cat. The poor guy didn’t know what was going on because since Matthew is here he rarely gets cuddles so this was a treat.

Also today we got the long awaited picture over the mantel piece. I have to admit, it looks perfect. The New York Skyline in black and white with a splash of red in it. 🙂

So that was “my exciting day” today. Hopefully I will be able to get some sleep with no pain. :/


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