A free holiday

What an exciting day it was. Work as normal but then I got some exciting news. I participate in a lot of competitions on Facebook. You have to win at some stage. lol

Anyway, long story short, under the message folder “other” on Facebook I found out at the weekend that I won a week away in Tenerife for 2 people with half board. So I replied to them to see if I can still claim it.

Today they have finally replied and said the prize is still valid. 🙂 Amazing! That means all I have to do is book the flights and the transport from and to the airport. The only thing about it is though that this holiday has to be taken this year. A lot going on this year so I don’t know if I will get around to use this. 😦 Won’t be until the end of the year anyway like September maybe. Matthew will be 2 then so it will be his first holidays away in Spain. I hope it won’t be much more expensive but normally for kids it costs nothing. Fingers crossed.
I don’t think the hotel can be chosen. It is whatever hotel is available. Hopefully it is a nice one because I don’t really like going into a low rated hotel like 3 star.

2014-03-12 10.30.06


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