Another Start of the week


And here is that hated day of the week again. Weekend has gone way too quickly.


So you were probably wondering what my daily schedule would be with an energetic toddler like Matthew.

Well, I am working full-time. Daddy drops him into crèche 9am in the morning before he goes to work himself. We both still work in the same company.

Working full-time makes it exhausting once you come home I can tell you.
4.15pm I am off to collect Matthew from crèche which by the way is only 2 mins from work and also 2 mins from home. We live handy.

I am glad the weather is picking up now because that means we are out and about going for walks. It is really handy that he is able to walk himself now. That way he gets to wander around the estate and explore.

2014-03-02 15.57.27 
It has been a challenge sometimes when it comes to dinner but lately he has been really good eating. Pretty much eats everything which is what you want.
( all recipes are welcome. I am a terrible cook when it comes to improvise)

Bed time is always at 8.30pm. He is a great little sleeper. Sleeps till 7am in the morning no bother. I would like him to sleep until 8 or 9am at the weekend but what can you do. It could be worse.


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