Play Date

So a colleague/friend of mine and I finally managed to organise a play date between our 2 sons. It just took us 19 months. 🙂
But you probably all know yourself, there is always something coming up, or too bust with work etc etc the list is endless.

It was great to catch up and the 2 Matthew’s met.

We decided to go to the play centre “Funny Bones” because the weather didn’t look too promising. Both of them loved. Unfortunately there is not too much around for toddlers.

2014-03-22 14.29.28 Matthew Number 2. ( They are only 5 weeks apart)

2014-03-22 14.29.31
My gorgeous man


Introducing FatMumSlim ( Blogger)


Today I am going to write about something completely different.


Name: Chantelle

Let me introduce you to this amazing girl. This is the reason why I started blogging again.
I don’t even quite remember how I came to this website but I think the main reason was instagram. I started following friends and other people and they used the hashtag #fmsphotoaday quite a lot. So I done some research on it to see where this is coming from and what it means.

That’s how I found fatmumslim aka. Chantelle.

If you are into photography and social networking I highly recommend her blog and projects.

Definition #fmsphotoaday: This is a fun game really that involves taking photos everyday all around you and instagram or Facebook.
Chantelle is posting a photo every month end. So for example below this is for March.

2014-02-23 20.24.58
Some prompts can be quite tricky but you will get used to it overtime. If you follow me on instagram (janine0187) you will see some examples. I have been a bit lazy for the March Photo Challenge but the previous months have been pretty good. 🙂

So take out your phone or camera and start snapping away. It’s great fun. You have to use #fmsphotoaday as if you are lucky she will be pick you as one of the lucky 4 the next day that caught her or the admins eye.

This is not the only thing she does. Have a read through her blog. She started a new project called “Scattered Love” for example. or lovely Juice and Food recipes.

St. Paddy’s Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I hope you had a nice time.

As I was sick the whole weekend, I decided to at least attend the Sligo Parade with Matthew and Daddy of course. Unfortunately Matthew picked up a cough so the morning was a bit of a nightmare with him not having a nap but we went to the parade in the end.


Matthew was well impressed with the Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse Dress Ups. 🙂 After the parade we went for some food in the Clarion Hotel.
Hopefully next everyone will be well and we can go to the Dublin parade for once.

House Bound Day 3

So on Thursday the viral infection gave me the rest.
I collected Matthew from creche and we went for a walk outside. It was nice but there was still a little chill. So at the end of of our walk my ear started going funny as if you have water in your ear. It wouldn’t go away. Really painful!
So I ended up going to the out of hours doctor at 9pm. Took 2 antibiotics and another 4 that night.

Yesterday I spent the whole day in bed and on the couch. I couldn’t move my ear. The most annoying thing is that I can only lie and sleep on the right hand side!

Today it is improving a bit. I was able to leave the house to go to the shop but that was already enough. Ear infection has improved a tiny bit. I still can’t hear.
I really hope its going to be better by Monday so we can go to the st Patrick’s parade.

Matthew in the meantime has picked up a tickly cough and also today it seems that he got light conjunctivitis. Little puss is building every now and then and he is constantly rubbing it. Poor little guy.

Daddy has a hard time minding us both. Lol but I hope this is the end of it,  now that spring is here. No more illnesses until next winter please!!!

House bound & antibiotics

So this morning I decided to stay home. I have been off form since Sunday. Sore throat but now it is just unbearable. It is painful to swallow. 😦

I decided to go to the doctor. Thank god it is not tonsillitis but a very bad sore throat. He said it is a viral infection. In that case antibiotics don’t work but they can give you some relief. Dissolved tablets and gargling the water definitely doesn’t work but he said to get Ibuprofen tablets… OMG what a relief even though the dosage only lasts for up to 3 hours but it is great being able to eat and drink with no pain.
He wrote me off work so I am off work the whole week. Not back to work until Wednesday because Monday is a bank holiday and I took off Tuesday the other day. I should recover within that week I hope. Don’t wish anyone to have this.

After the doctors, as I was in Strandhill already anyway, I decided to go for a little walk at the beach to get some fresh before being house bound again. Got some great shots as it was sunny but misty this morning.

2014-03-12 11.11.51 
 2014-03-12 11.12.01
Afternoon I was relaxing with my cat. The poor guy didn’t know what was going on because since Matthew is here he rarely gets cuddles so this was a treat.

Also today we got the long awaited picture over the mantel piece. I have to admit, it looks perfect. The New York Skyline in black and white with a splash of red in it. 🙂

So that was “my exciting day” today. Hopefully I will be able to get some sleep with no pain. :/

A free holiday

What an exciting day it was. Work as normal but then I got some exciting news. I participate in a lot of competitions on Facebook. You have to win at some stage. lol

Anyway, long story short, under the message folder “other” on Facebook I found out at the weekend that I won a week away in Tenerife for 2 people with half board. So I replied to them to see if I can still claim it.

Today they have finally replied and said the prize is still valid. 🙂 Amazing! That means all I have to do is book the flights and the transport from and to the airport. The only thing about it is though that this holiday has to be taken this year. A lot going on this year so I don’t know if I will get around to use this. 😦 Won’t be until the end of the year anyway like September maybe. Matthew will be 2 then so it will be his first holidays away in Spain. I hope it won’t be much more expensive but normally for kids it costs nothing. Fingers crossed.
I don’t think the hotel can be chosen. It is whatever hotel is available. Hopefully it is a nice one because I don’t really like going into a low rated hotel like 3 star.

2014-03-12 10.30.06

Another Start of the week


And here is that hated day of the week again. Weekend has gone way too quickly.


So you were probably wondering what my daily schedule would be with an energetic toddler like Matthew.

Well, I am working full-time. Daddy drops him into crèche 9am in the morning before he goes to work himself. We both still work in the same company.

Working full-time makes it exhausting once you come home I can tell you.
4.15pm I am off to collect Matthew from crèche which by the way is only 2 mins from work and also 2 mins from home. We live handy.

I am glad the weather is picking up now because that means we are out and about going for walks. It is really handy that he is able to walk himself now. That way he gets to wander around the estate and explore.

2014-03-02 15.57.27 
It has been a challenge sometimes when it comes to dinner but lately he has been really good eating. Pretty much eats everything which is what you want.
( all recipes are welcome. I am a terrible cook when it comes to improvise)

Bed time is always at 8.30pm. He is a great little sleeper. Sleeps till 7am in the morning no bother. I would like him to sleep until 8 or 9am at the weekend but what can you do. It could be worse.

Introducing a new family member

Hey you,

It has been a while hasn’t it? I have decided to bring this blog back after following blogger fatmumslim for over a year. I’m not as good as her now but I’m hopefully getting back into it.

A lot has happened since the last post. I have become a mum. 🙂 Life has changed slightly since. No more sleep ins, always on the go, cooking everyday etc etc. Everyone else who is a mum can related to this in some way.

So let’s move on to the new member of the family. Let me introduce you
Matthew James Dolan
He was born 28th August 2012 at 10.51pm. He was a light 7lb 2oz and a shorty of 49cm.
Here some photos over the last 18 months.


Bounce Bounce


The innocent look




1st birthday


Xmas 2013

The last few weeks he started to walk and is fully walking everywhere which makes it a lot easier as now we can bring him for walks too and not just push him around the buggy all the time.
Right now we are working on his speech. He has little words. He’s great fun though. Very energetic and funny child. He does have his tantrums sometimes. 🙂