Match in Table Tennis + German Delicatessen

So Dermot and me finally decided to go to this bar where it is mainly about playing table tennis! Loved it and I beat Dermot’s ass! Smile with tongue out We went down to 23rd street on 7th September.






On Friday we went to a different area this time. It was still Manhattan but we have never been there before. There was this suggested German restaurant in the New York tour guide that my mum gave me so we thought we try it out. Probably it wasn’t a good idea that we went on a Friday as it was quite packed but I still enjoyed the food! Smile with tongue out


Der Biergarten




Dermot’s food (Rheinischer Sauerbraten mit Knoedeln und Rotkraut)


My meal ( Bratwurscht mit Sauerkraut und Stampfkartoffeln)

Now these are all my adventures so far! Open-mouthed smile  It was a lot to catch up on! Enjoy reading! Winking smile


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