US Open 2011

Dermot bought tickets to the US Open. He loves his tennis! Smile And he decided to bring me too. Nice of him isn’t it?

So on the 31st August 2011 we went to Flushing Meadows by subway and had a look around first. They had these practicing hall where you can play tennis, table tennis, practice your serve and many other things.

Dermot practiced his serve first. See below. Smile with tongue out



As far as I can remember he hit 86 which is great as most people only hit under 80.

After the serving we went to play a bit of tennis and then table tennis.

11am was the first game. This day was boiling hot and our seats were at the very top of the stadium. So we didn’t last long there. Maybe for an hour and that was it.




We walked around for a bit and found Court 13 which had seats in the shade. We watched 2 matches from there. We did miss the Andy Murray match in the main stadium but it was just ridiculously warm.







After the 2 matches we went to the main stadium and sat down on the grass to watch the final minutes of the Andy Murray game. Of course he won. Smile



We went home after that. It must have been around 5 or 6pm. Great day out.


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