Match in Table Tennis + German Delicatessen

So Dermot and me finally decided to go to this bar where it is mainly about playing table tennis! Loved it and I beat Dermot’s ass! Smile with tongue out We went down to 23rd street on 7th September.






On Friday we went to a different area this time. It was still Manhattan but we have never been there before. There was this suggested German restaurant in the New York tour guide that my mum gave me so we thought we try it out. Probably it wasn’t a good idea that we went on a Friday as it was quite packed but I still enjoyed the food! Smile with tongue out


Der Biergarten




Dermot’s food (Rheinischer Sauerbraten mit Knoedeln und Rotkraut)


My meal ( Bratwurscht mit Sauerkraut und Stampfkartoffeln)

Now these are all my adventures so far! Open-mouthed smile  It was a lot to catch up on! Enjoy reading! Winking smile


Sightseeing Number 2

Sorry for not updating for a while. Been busy doing sightseeing and stuff like that. Smile

We survived the hurricane anyways. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Of course the coastal areas were flooded but in our area was nothing at all. It was raining a lot and windy but that’s it.

Since my last update we have done a lot of sightseeing. I show you some photos below.

We went to Madame Tussauds last Friday. (2nd September 2011)


Robert Pattinson + Me


Captain Sparrow + Me


Me as president Smile with tongue out


Statue Of Liberty


John Bon Jovi + Me


The Beatles

It was great. We spent about 2 1/2 hours in there. Nearly at the end we could experience a 4D Cinema which included side effects like winds, snow and stuff. It was for the movie “Happy Feet”.

The day after (3rd September 2010) we went to Times Square again to have another look around. Went into ToysRUs then. I know big kids. lol

On the Sunday (4th September) we went to see one of Dermot’s aunt who lives over here in America. We had lunch there and then went to a BBQ party with them. It was good fun. Their house is in the middle of nowhere in the woods. lol All of these house are built from wood… Really weird! Anyway I enjoyed the day out.

Next day (5th September) we went to Times Square… YES AGAIN! Open-mouthed smile It was planned to go to Nintendo World and the Disney Store. Dermot bought a few t-shirts in the Disney store. I did too but my one is a bit too tight so I will bring my one back one of these days or exchange it for something else.
Around the corner was the Rockefeller Restaurant so we sat down there and had some food. It was delicious but it was expensive too.
The Disney Store wasn’t that good to be honest. I expected more from it.

We spotted the M&M Store after which was amazing! Sooo many M&Ms in these different colours.




Ireland and Germany mixed M&Ms Smile


M&M Statue Of Liberty Smile

US Open 2011

Dermot bought tickets to the US Open. He loves his tennis! Smile And he decided to bring me too. Nice of him isn’t it?

So on the 31st August 2011 we went to Flushing Meadows by subway and had a look around first. They had these practicing hall where you can play tennis, table tennis, practice your serve and many other things.

Dermot practiced his serve first. See below. Smile with tongue out



As far as I can remember he hit 86 which is great as most people only hit under 80.

After the serving we went to play a bit of tennis and then table tennis.

11am was the first game. This day was boiling hot and our seats were at the very top of the stadium. So we didn’t last long there. Maybe for an hour and that was it.




We walked around for a bit and found Court 13 which had seats in the shade. We watched 2 matches from there. We did miss the Andy Murray match in the main stadium but it was just ridiculously warm.







After the 2 matches we went to the main stadium and sat down on the grass to watch the final minutes of the Andy Murray game. Of course he won. Smile



We went home after that. It must have been around 5 or 6pm. Great day out.