The Mental weather

Thought I am going to drop in a quick update for you.

New Yorks weather is going mental lately. Not that it started off with a heatwave late July/ early August, we also had an earthquake a few days ago. It was a 30 second one but still weird. Never experienced one before. At the time I was sitting in the apartment on the couch when the TV, mirror and couch started checking. I looked outside and everything looked normal so I didn’t think that it could be an earthquake. I did google it though if earthquakes are common in NY which they were not.
Late in the day it was said on the news that there was an earthquake in NY and some people have been evacuated from their buildings just in case. This is very rare as the last earthquake in New York was 100 years ago.

That is still not enough… this weekend we are experiencing a hurricane. How exciting. lol It is going to be one of the biggest ones apparently. The subway will come to a standstill tomorrow noon and you can’t go anywhere. Luckily we have shops plus shopping center right in front of the door but news told to buy all essentials. There is going to be flooding but only near the coastal areas and people have been evacuated. We don’t have to leave as we are more in the middle. We will still see the hurricane though. I might post photos if they turn out good. The hurricane Irene is going to hit NY Sunday.


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