First Week in New York PLUS Impression

It’s Thursday 25th August 2011 and I am already 10 days in New York. Time flies doesn’t it?

When I arrived a week ago on a Tuesday (15th August) Dermot collected me from the airport with flowers. Cute I know. Open-mouthed smile The flight was really smooth and it didn’t feel like flying for 7 hours. There was a lot of entertainment and food onboard. I watched 3 movies and played some games and the time flew.
The pre clearance at Dublin airport was a bit silly but of course I understand it needs to be done for security reasons. They let me in the country anyways. haha
After I landed in New York and had trouble finding the baggage claim area I made it into the arrival hall with Dermi collecting me. He didn’t see me as I came in a different so I surprised him for once. Smile We took a taxi to the apartment then. That day it was really warm and they used to have hotter days before that!

Arrived in the apartment and already cleaned and moved a few things around to make it look at home. lol We had to buy a few bit and pieces the next day but that is to be expected all the time. That day I was too tired from the trip to go anywhere so I went to bed at around 6pm New Yorker time which is 11pm Irish time. I slept about 12 hours which was great.

Wednesday 17th August  was my first day at work in the office. I spent the day learning the product. The coming days were easy enough with testing the product etc.

The first weekend Dermot and me went to do sightseeing.


World Trade Center being built again


World Financial Center inside


Me in New York


Statue of Liberty


Staten Island


  • Can’t complain about the weather as it is always really warm! It starts getting cooler though which is good as sometimes it can be too hot especially in the subway,
  • The food is a bit different over here. I noticed they have a lot of meals that contain egg. Not a fan of it but I like my Applebees restaurant and since a few days alos the Irish pub down the road. They serve lovely Shepherds Pie! Smile
  • Public Transport is brilliant!
  • Clothes shopping etc is very cheap but what does annoy me as when they display the price tag on the clothes it doesn’t include the taxes for whatever reason. Which means when you go up to the till they charge you even more. I probably will have to get used to it.
  • Shops near the apartment would be nicer than carrying it 20mins down the road.

Apart from all that it is actually nice over here. We have a lovely apartment so can’t complain about that either! Winking smile


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