Sea, Sun & Waves

Long time no see. Smile

I’ve been busy the last few weeks and never even got the time to update you with my latest trips. I am going to do this right now. Winking smile

So like I mentioned in my last post I have been to Germany to visit my mum and then we went to Spain for a weeks holiday.

2nd August we took the train to the airport. We arrived in the hotel around 9pm as our plane from Madrid to Almeria was delayed. We were starving as Madrid airport terminal must have been only billed recently. No food anywhere. So it was even more delightful to be able to eat as much as we want in the hotel. Smile


Our hotel ( If you look closer you can see 2 orange towels and 1 yellow one which was our room Open-mouthed smile)


hotel from the seaside.


Me having dinner one of the nights.

During this holiday we basically just relaxed and let the days go by without worrying about anything. I enjoyed it a lot. The hotel we used to go to still looks the same.


Me on our balcony


At the beach one evening


enjoying Pina Colada in the hotel bar


At the pool.

Biggest fun was the last 2 – 3 days. It was a lot windier and the waves in the Mediterranean Sea were high. So the last few days we spent the afternoons mostly there jumping over them or getting flushed away by them. Open-mouthed smile


9th August it was time to fly home again. Funny thing was on the flight up to Madrid there was a passenger on board who actually wanted to fly to Barcelona. lol Luckily the air crew counted everyone and noticed someone needs to be on the other plane that was leaving at the same time on the way to Barcelona.
Landing at 10.30pm in Berlin we got picked up by our taxi driver and went home with a stop at Mc Donalds to eat a Cheeseburger ( well 2 in that case Open-mouthed smile)

The days after I visited my granny one last time before I went back to Ireland, did a bit of garden work so my mum didn’t have to do everything.

12th August I had to be up early. By early I mean 4.30am. Had to get the train at 5.34am. A lot of waiting at the airport, train station in Dublin, I finally got home at 6.30pm. Fluffy and Missy were already waiting and Bailey came along later. Smile


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