Time to move on

Time flies and my kittens are already 7 weeks old now.

I’m really relieved how fast they got rid of the flu in the end. All eyes perfect and none of them went blind. They are able to go to the toilet themselves now even though a few little accidents happen every now and then ( pee at the front door or behind the tele) but at least its not a big smelly surprise. Lol
They are well able to eat too. Every time it’s feeding time they know straight away and run a hundred miles an hour to the food. Lol

Yesterday I created a little ad on a paper and hung it up in the vet and one of the shops. Hopefully they will find a good home soon. It looks like we are keeping fluffy. I can’t give them all away and have no memory of them at all.

The only thing I know is to get Missy neutered and not go through this he’ll again of loving the kittens so much and it’s hard to be separated.

Anyway a few photos below of them playing. 🙂


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