First Days of my Holidays


Little update on my visit in Germany. Smiley

Tuesday 26th July:

I arrived in Germany that day in the morning around 10.30am. I stayed in a hotel at dublin airport the night before as my flight was early in the morning the next day.

After a little delay on the German train because the train driver decided to arrive late for work I made the train to Waren and arrive at my mums house around 3pm. It was lovely and warm outside… That changed the days after though.

Wednesday 27th July:

The next day we went shopping. Bought my Hello Kitty socks as usual and a few little bits and pieces. Smiley

Today is Saturday and it has been raining since nearly 2 days. It is like autumn. You can’t go anywhere really. But it is good to relax in front of the tele too as I am not getting German channels everyday. Zwinkerndes Smiley

A few days ago my mum and me took down a big tree as it was stealing us the lovely sun. Some work that was but it is done. She couldn’t have done it on her own. I have to do a few more little things before I leave in 2 weeks.

Tuesday coming we are going to Spain for a week. Looking forward to that. Finally getting a bit more tan. Sonne

Meanwhile Dermi in New York has been dieing the last 2 weeks since he got there. He was in pain with his poor tooth. Trauriges Smiley Since yesterday it has got better as he got a root canal treatment done. I hope he is all happy again when I arrive in 2 weeks time. Smiley

That was my little update. More to follow!


Packing, Weighing, New (York) City

This week Dermot and me have been busy cleaning the house. He is going to New York tomorrow morning and leaving me behind. Sad smile lol Don’t worry I am joining him shortly after that. Smile

So yesterday we have been busy bees packing his suitcases. So far so good. First suitcase is packed with all his clothes plus tennis racket. Doesn’t weight more than 20kg which you are allow on Aer Lingus flights.
Second suitcase we are still waiting on clothes to dry, Will have to check when I finished writing this blog. Apart from that everything is set. I am going to drive Dermot down to Dublin this afternoon so he doesn’t have to carry all his suitcase on the train or bus. Too nice I am! Smile The fact that it is only like a 2 hours and 15mins drive it is easy enough and I can drive back after no problem. I could be staying over but I’ve got work in the morning. booo
Originally it was planned to go to Germany tomorrow morning but plans had to be changed as realised it was too long. So basically I am going to work the week now and the Monday after and then I am heading to Germany on Tuesday in a weeks time. Should be good fun. At least away from this depressing weather!!! lol

In August then I’ll be heading to New York myself. Wonder what that will be like… 7 hours on a plane. Never have been on a plane that long. Longest was probably 4h 30mins. That is going to be a nice experience. Dermot will collect me from JFK airport. I probably get lost. lol

On my own this week so… need to find something to do. But looking outside right now there is nothing you can do really. It is so shitty outside! Doesn’t look like summer at all. More like autumn!

Anyways that was a small little update what is going to happen in the next couple of weeks. Not looking forward to work but at least I am getting paid! Open-mouthed smile

Blog you all soon again, either from Germany or NY or in between in case something exciting might happen.

Quiet house

I had the ad up in the shops only for about a week and a lady rang me on Thursday about it. She would be interested in one of the kittens.

So in the evening time she came over and had a look at them. She decided to take the one with the black spot on the nose. Smile She collected it this afternoon. I am glad he got a nice home.


Another guy on who lives in Sligo was interested in one of the kittens as well. He came over this afternoon (before the other was given away) with his 5 year old niece. She liked the black one.
In the end he decided to take the 2 of them. Smile 


Missy seems to be very sad at the moment I think. She is wandering around the house meowing looking for the other 3. Poor thing. But it is good that she still has one kitten remaining so she won’t be lonely and can play mammy still. Smile

Time to move on

Time flies and my kittens are already 7 weeks old now.

I’m really relieved how fast they got rid of the flu in the end. All eyes perfect and none of them went blind. They are able to go to the toilet themselves now even though a few little accidents happen every now and then ( pee at the front door or behind the tele) but at least its not a big smelly surprise. Lol
They are well able to eat too. Every time it’s feeding time they know straight away and run a hundred miles an hour to the food. Lol

Yesterday I created a little ad on a paper and hung it up in the vet and one of the shops. Hopefully they will find a good home soon. It looks like we are keeping fluffy. I can’t give them all away and have no memory of them at all.

The only thing I know is to get Missy neutered and not go through this he’ll again of loving the kittens so much and it’s hard to be separated.

Anyway a few photos below of them playing. 🙂