Sightseeing and WAY more!

Me again! Smile Have to be on top of my blog entries or otherwise my readers leave me! Winking smile

What a week…

My mum came over for a visit so I had to plan what we could do. The first 2 days I had to work so we just chilled out those days.

Then on Wednesday 15th June we decided to do a little sightseeing tour.
First stop: Drumcliffe ( the grave of the writer W.B. Yeats)

W.B.Yeats Grave



After we went to Mullaghmore. There is a lovely castle and we were always interested how to get there so we finally managed it. Smile 
Anyone who is interested in cliffs walks/drives I recommend this area. It’s really lovely!

Third stop was Carrowmore near Strandhill. This is a cemetry of around 30 stones:






The next day 16th June I planned a trip to Northern Ireland to see the Giant’s Causway. It is a big attraction and I thought my mum just had to see it.




We got really lucky with the weather here. All the way up it was raining, then when we arrived there it stopped after a few minutes and we could enjoy the scenery for an hour. The funny thing was as soon as we left the Causeway a mile or two away it started raining again. lol The coast seems to get always lucky  but as soon as you leave it the weather gets worse.

17th June  it was Friday and relaxing day. The only thing we did was going into town, have a look around, I bought some new adidas tracksuit bottoms and that was it.


18th June Dermot, my mum and me went up to Dublin to see Take That in Croke Park. Smile Left around 12.30pm, dropped the kittens off at the vet to mind and arrived at the hotel where my mum stayed around 3pm.
After that we went to Swords to have a little look around in the shopping centre. Didn’t buy anything though.
Because I haven’t been in Malahide in ages, we drove around there and Portmarnock as well. It was great to see the place again where I used to live. Smile

19th June – THE BIG DAY
Started off going to IKEA. Smile with tongue out I bought a few little things for the house and we had lovely lunch there as well. They must have the best and cheapest food ever.

Swedish Meatballs and Mash Red heart

Back to the hotel and chilling out a bit before we got ready for the concert. I was really excited. Smile
We took the taxi at 5pm and went to the stadium. I got my merchandise and a beer. YUM YUM! Winking smile 
The concert started at 7.30pm on the button. Pet Shop Boys was the support act.

me and dermot


Take That came on stage at 8.30pm. They sang as 4 first.




Robbie came on stage half way through.




After his entry all 5 were on stage then.




They had this huge robot which was apparently 50 foot high.



The concert was over at around 11pm. We left during the last song to get my mum a taxi which wasn’t a problem at all. I thought we are going to spend hours again to get one.
Back in the hotel at 11.30pm.

Next morning we had brekkie with Dermot’s brother and went home after.

All in all it was lovely week I had. My mum enjoyed it too.


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