Galway Weekend–Tennis Tournament

The bank holiday of June (4th – 6th May) Dermot and me went to Galway. He entered a tennis tournament for singles and doubles. It went on from Friday lunch time until Monday afternoon.

He got through the first round of the singles but unfortunately lost in the second round. BUT he made it to the final in the doubles. Smile

He lost the final but he became second and got a lovely clock from Galway Chrystal. ( it doesn’t work properly at the moment but I will get it working lol)

On Sunday we went out. Galway is good fun. That weekend was particularly busy! We went to the pub first which was pretty crowded so that’s why we only had 2 drinks. We went on after to find a new pub. Ended up in a gay club. lol It was theme night which meant UV lights everywhere. Smile with tongue out



Can’t remember when we left the club but it wasn’t too late as we had to be up for check out the next morning. It is not nice with a hang over. Smile That day it was the doubles final as well.

Will have to come back to Galway soon again. I plan on going onto the Aran Islands. Everyone seems to talk about them.


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