Breaking News!!!

We all kind of knew it anyway but yesterday afternoon we got a definite confirmation.

We brought Missy to the vet to see if she is really pregnant or if something else is wrong with her… Turns out she is heavily pregnant as the vet described it.
She was very brave in the vet I have to say. She would usually run away but when her little belly was shaved to get a scan done she was a good girl! Smile

It was quite weird to see these 2 little spines in here tummy. So she will definitely have 2 kittens. Probably more because with cats you can never tell how many they will have in the end.

The vet was saying that she is due in less than 2 weeks. I just hope that she doesn’t get the kittens while we are away… She has to hold on! Smile


Today I had to find out that the dress I bought back in Jan/Febr no longer fits anymore which means I can’t wear it for the wedding at the weekend. So tomorrow I have to go wedding hunting again. Shouldn’t be a problem though I think.

We are heading down to Dublin on Tuesday night to fly out to Germany the Wednesday morning at 7am. Hate early starts but what can you do.
That will be my next entry I am blogging about then Iguess.



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