What A Weekend…

… it was!!!

Dermot and me minded Julie Ann for the weekend. The weather was amazing, too! So sunny and warm!

Julie Ann and me played Xbox Kinect on the Saturday until Dermot came home from his meeting. We also went to Strandhill and had Ice-Cream. Smile
Then we went to the park and played basketball.
Dermot’s friend called to say we meet in Strandhill and train for tag rugby. We joined a team. There were some guys out there as well on the pitch so we all ended up playing football. I managed to score 5 goals! WOOP! Open-mouthed smile That’s how German players do it! lol

Sunday which is today by the way… Winking smile We had a big lie in until 12pm. I was so dead from playing all those sports the day before!!! My body is definitely not used to it. lol Anyways we had nice breakie in the garden outside and Julie Ann went with her older sister. Dermot and me decided to have a little drive around Sligo in this lovely weather. Red heart In the evening he had a tennis match. I joined him after and we had a little game. I wasn’t that bad! Smile

Now we are all sitting here watching tele. I made my favourite salad which contains cucumber, pepper, tomato and feta cheese! Plate

Tomorrow it’s back to work time. This week only for 4 days though because on Friday Dermot and me are going to Germany for a few days! Can’t wait! Open-mouthed smile


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