Beach & an event in Lusk

Hiya ! Smile

Another weekend I have to tell you all about.

Friday night, Dermot and me and a few other colleagues from work went out for a few drinks in the pub. It was good company. I enjoyed. You need a little night out every now and then even if I am not the type anymore of going out.

Saturday – Dermot and me went to Dublin after lunch. We arrived in Swords at around 5pm and walked aroung the Pavillons Shopping Centre for a bit. I got new ballerinas and a few cute clothes for the babies Christening the following day.
After that, we went to Donabate and checked into the hotel. Lovely little hotel it was. It was called Waterside House Hotel.

It was a lovely little hotel I have to say and you can’t complain about the price you have to pay for a night… We didn’t have breakfast in the morning because the clocks have gone forward so we basically slept in longer. Lazy I know. Ha!

Sunday – We checked out at 11am and went to Lusk for the Christening. Dermot was the godfather so he had a big roll! Smile
It was mass at 11.30am first. Never went to it before because I am not religious but it was ok I guess. As long as I don’t have to do anything everything is fine with me. Lol
Then at 1.30pm the Christening began. There was 6 babies in total that got baptised. Maria did well so did Dermot.
After the event we went to a local pub. There was a function room booked and we had food and a few drinks. Good laugh. I could hold and play with Maria again and play with Emelie as well. The weather was actually amazing. We got really lucky. It wasn’t cold and it was so sunny.
After the food and drinks Dermot and me and everyone else left around 4pm.
We were back home in Sligo at 6.30pm.

Blog after the next weekend again guys.


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