Happy St. Paddys Day!

Hi Everyone! Smile

It is St. Patrick’s Day! Open-mouthed smile

I hope you all enjoyed yours. I didn’t do much for it to be honest. Had the day off today! Which I used for sleeping in. I got up at 11am though to get ready for the parade at 12pm in town.

After that we went to Dermot’s parents house and parked the car there because it would have been impossible to get parked in town itself. We took Julie Ann with us then and waited for the parade along with a lot of other people. It wasn’t the best one but it was something to do! Smile
A few pictures here:


Starting off with a few musicians


Flower Power! Smile




The Eurovision in Germany lol


Even Germany was in the parade Winking smile ( They were representing the IT Sligo)

Dublin was obviously bigger but I didn’t want to go there just for the day because I’ve got work tomorrow morning again and it is always mental when the Parade is on there. I was there twice! Smile

After the parade Dermot and me went to the Belfry to have a bit of food. I had a panini with chips and salad. It was heaven!!! I don’t really go for chips a lot but those chips were amazing!!! DELICIOUS I might even say! lol
Beside us were a band if girls who were playing traditional Irish Music. There were really good.

I didn’t plan on going out but I might have a little drink now actually! Winking smile


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