Shopping, Kids and Old Friends

Dermot went to Germany last weekend for his brothers stag party. I decided to come to Dublin with him so I can mind his other brother’s children.

Drove down the Thursday (10th March) which was Dermot’s birthday.

Flight was leaving the Friday morning. I was awake that morning anyways because the baby was crying. Got up early then. Didn’t do much that day because the weather was awful. Mandy and me went to the church with the baby to register her for the christening. Other than that we watched TV the whole day and ordered Chinese in the evening.

Next morning – Saturday 12th March – Got up early again and helped with baby Maria, feeding etc. She is such a cutie! Smile

For 11am I went to Swords which is only 10mins away from Lusk to meet my old friend Danny who I haven’t seen about at least 2 years!
I went to her house and she made pizza. It was yummy. We watched “The Nanny’s Dairy” and “What A Girl Wants”. In between that Sindy dropped by with her boyfriend as well. I haven’t seen her since about 2 years either.

I went back to Lusk at around 5.30pm. Watched a few kids programmes like Peppa Pig and Dora the Explorer. Fed baby, played with her, helped with the bathing of Emelie and Maria and then Mandy’s friends were coming over. Ordered Pizza from Pizza Hut. I haven’t had Pizza Hut in ages. It was delicious. Winking smile Bed time at 11.30pm.

Next day Mandy, Emelie, Maria and me went to Swords to do a bit of shopping. After Emelie got treated with a Mc Donald visit.

Back to the house at 3pm everyone was tired. lol I had my suitcase packed already so we watched a bit of CSI and criminal programmes. I haven’t really watched them before but I have to say they are pretty good so I will probably start watching them more now! Smile

10.30pm Dermot and his brother arrived back at the house. A few minutes later we left Dublin to go home. I know, late, but I had work in the morning.

Brilliant weekend I had! Smile Really enjoyed and it’s good to do something else than just sitting at home all the time.


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