A weekend in Belfast

Hi guys,

it’s me again! Smile

OMG what an amazing weekend I had! Absolutely loved it!!!

Dermot and me went to Belfast Friday evening and eventually arrived at 11.30pm. Our room was lovely and I loved the bed. Most comfiest bad ever!!! I wanted to take it home with me… It was so soft but I think it is not good to sleep on a soft bad all the time. Could hurt your back.. Anyways…

Next morning we had breakie and checked out and went to the Odyssey Arena. Some job to get there with all the different lanes. I think we arrived there at 11am. Early enough to get a car parking space.
To kill the time we played some pool and walked around. No point really to go to the back of the arena and get a glimpse on Matt because there was a lot of young girls waiting for One Direction. Hopefully I get my photo soon enough! Smile with tongue out

12pm – Doors opened. Of course I got my Matt Cardle Tshirt and my signed photo card. Can’t get around that like. Winking smile We took our seats then and the show started at 1.30pm. Brilliant show it was! Matt wasn’t on until the end of the show. Save the best to the last! Open-mouthed smile


Madness to get out of the Odyssey Arena and especially the car park but we managed to be home at 7.30pm which isn’t too bad considering the concert was not over until 4pm.


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