A weekend in Belfast

Hi guys,

it’s me again! Smile

OMG what an amazing weekend I had! Absolutely loved it!!!

Dermot and me went to Belfast Friday evening and eventually arrived at 11.30pm. Our room was lovely and I loved the bed. Most comfiest bad ever!!! I wanted to take it home with me… It was so soft but I think it is not good to sleep on a soft bad all the time. Could hurt your back.. Anyways…

Next morning we had breakie and checked out and went to the Odyssey Arena. Some job to get there with all the different lanes. I think we arrived there at 11am. Early enough to get a car parking space.
To kill the time we played some pool and walked around. No point really to go to the back of the arena and get a glimpse on Matt because there was a lot of young girls waiting for One Direction. Hopefully I get my photo soon enough! Smile with tongue out

12pm – Doors opened. Of course I got my Matt Cardle Tshirt and my signed photo card. Can’t get around that like. Winking smile We took our seats then and the show started at 1.30pm. Brilliant show it was! Matt wasn’t on until the end of the show. Save the best to the last! Open-mouthed smile


Madness to get out of the Odyssey Arena and especially the car park but we managed to be home at 7.30pm which isn’t too bad considering the concert was not over until 4pm.


Exciting weekend ahead of me

Hi guys,

long time no see.

Two things I am blogging about this time.

1. I went to Strandhill yesterday to get my bloods taken. I got my results back today. The result is that I still have underactive thyroid. I completely forgot about it. I was diagnosed with it when I was about 16 or 17 if not even younger I’d say. I have to take tablets for years but back then I haven’t even taken them for a year. lol
Anyway, I am back on them again. Because thinks like always tired, not in the mood for anything was really annoying me and Dermot and me watched this programme where they were talking about thyroid and that was when everything came together. I am taking tablets once a day now again. Hopefully it will be ok soon again. I have to go back for bloods in about 4 – 6 weeks.

2. The other thing I wanted to let you know was…
I am going to see Matt Cardle! Smile Ahhhh how exciting is that! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!! The Xfactor live tour is currently in Ireland.  I can’t make it to the one in Dublin because it is a week day but because it is only like 2h 30mins to Belfast I am not going to miss Matt live. It is not only him. It is 6 finalists. It’s going to be a brilliant show. Fingers crossed I meet Matt though. Winking smile

24th Birthday & Weekend Away in Dublin


2 weekends ago it was my birthday. Martini glass I turned 24. Getting old. lol
I got lovely present I have to say. Dermot got me a huge bunch of flowers, a Sat Nav which I am really happy about and an enormous cake. YUM

Doesn’t it look delicious?

Helps me a lot so I can drive around Ireland more often. Katrina gave me a set of stationary so I can start writing a few letters again.
In the evening Dermot, Katrina and Me got ready for a brilliant night out.

Dermot and Me in Katrina’s apartment

We decided to go to Shenanigans because on a Friday night Velvet is not open. We had some great fun. A few shots, vodkas… the usual stuff. lol

Dermot and Me in Shenanigans

Katrina and Me in Shenanigans

I think we got back home at like 4am. Enjoyed it though. Smile


Last weekend Dermot and me decided to visit his brother. This time I drove down to Dublin. Nice drive it was I have to say. I really enjoy my new car. Smile Eventually we arrived at around 11pm in his brothers house, had a cup of tea and went to bed.

Saturday then, we had a lazy day and minded the cute little baby. Red heart She is cutest little thing ever. Smile Her name is Maria. I did have a photo of me and her but Dermot’s phone was acting up so the photo is gone. Sad smile Nothing to worry though because I might be back soon to mind her.
Anyway, we went out for lunch (dinner at this stage) in the Blue Bar in Skerries. I haven’t been there in about 4 years. It was great to see it again. Nothing changed though. I had a burger. It was too much to be honest because it was a chicken fillet and not breaded. I think I didn’t manage to eat half of it but it was nice though I have to say.
In the evening, Dermot, Connor and me played Monopoly. Thank God!!!  Dermot finally lost twice in a row against his brother. lol No, but really, he won every game so far and it was time he loses.

Next morning we had breakie and left the house around 12.30am to go to Swords and meet my old friend Karo. I haven’t seen her for a long time. We went for lunch in a pub. This time I had lasagne. I have eaten a lot of different Lasagnes in Ireland but this one was the absolute most delicious one! I never manage to eat more than half it but with this one I nearly ate all of it, it was that good. I could go there anytime again. Smile
Later that day, we went for a bit of shopping and said “goodbye” to Jude and Karoline.

Dermot, Karoline and Me

Jude, Karoline and Me

Dermot and me decided to drive back to Sligo then, because we had to mind Julie Anne for another night. I have to say it was a great weekend though and I am looking forward to another one very soon.

Cheerios guys.