A New Year – 2011

Hello Smile
I don’t know what you all think but I think December is going to quick every year. Anyone agree with me?

New Year’s Eve Dermot and me went to Dermot’s sister and celebrated into the New Year there. I had 2 glasses of champagne. Usually 1 glass is enough for me Open-mouthed smile but this time it was ok. Must be because I drank slow.
My mum brought those lanterns from Germany that you can light and they fly high in the sky. After we wished everyone a happy new year we let them go off outside. We were not the only people with them though. There was around 20 in the sky.

We went back in and were chatting a bit.
Dermot and me decided to go home then. My mum was still awake but we all went to bed shortly after.

The next day… New Year’s Day.
The plan was to go to Katrina’s for dinner. She made a roast for my mum, Dermot and me. It was delicious! Smile We had vegetable pie, potatoes and stuffing. We exchanged Christmas presents after because we didn’t see each other at Christmas. Dermot got new socks and I got perfume, bathroom stuff and a new bag. Very handy because I was looking for a bag like that for ages but couldn’t find anything like it.

Dermot, Katrina and me went out after dinner. One of Dermot’s friends had his 30th birthday. We met them in a pub called Kennedys. My mum called me a while later under a Blocked number. (She got a new phone and it just didn’t send the number) Boiler in the kitchen made the biggest noise ever! So I went home with Katrina and checked. It was actually really bad and we didn’t know what to do. Leaving the house was the best option in this case. Thank god one of the guys was a plumber. So after 1 hour (Dermot was home as well then) he came and turned it off. It was a nightmare! Everyone was relieved. Smile We went back out and my mum was able to sleep without thinking of the noise coming back.
A few photos below we took:

Me and Katrina in the Pub

Me and Dermot in Mc Hughs

Me, Dermot and Katrina

The days after we didn’t do much. On the Monday 3rd January Dermot took my mum and me out for a meal in Strandhill. It was brilliant as always. Smile

The next morning my mum flew back home. I drove her to the airport and went back to the house because lucky me was still off that day! Open-mouthed smile

First day  back to the work was torture. lol I was used to getting up 11am or later but getting up at 7.30am? Surprised smile It was only 3 days though and I have to say it wasn’t too bad on helpdesk. It is usually busier.

Yesterday, Friday, Dermot and me went to an Indian restaurant. Yummy! It was well earned as well because before that I took down all the Christmas decoration. The Christmas tree was the worst because I have to put it back into place with the branches and put it back into the box. The only thing left now is putting it up in the attic which we will do after I am finished with this blog. Smile

It is Saturday today. No plan really. I have cleaned up the house today. Mainly the kitchen. Later on Katrina might come over for a game of Monopoly if she is feeling well enough. The flu seems to hit everyone lately. I didn’t have it yet though. Lucky me! Smile



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