Dramatic Start of the Week

Hello guys !

Long time no see! You didn’t miss anything the past days/weeks anways.  But I thought I might post something now because I have got a few things to tell you.

Katrina found a new apartment. That was pretty quick! Never thought we would be able to find something that quick online. And I have to say that apartment is really lovely and it is in the middle of town as well. For that rent she is paying it is great! I would live there too! 🙂 Well apart from that I hate living on my own! lol

At the weekend it was X Factor weekend of course again! As usual, you all know by now! haha BUT something changed this time. Dermot and me actually went out! I know… WOW! lol We met a few of his friends and went to the pub. It was graduation weekend so it was quite impossible to get into the nightclub, unless you want to queue 45 mins. I went through that before so I know what I am talking about! 😉 We went to the Belfry and Garavogue. It was nice to be out, nothing special though. Had a few drinks but not too many.  😀

By the way, it is getting really cold lately. Car is frozen every morning! I have to say de-ice spray is a great invention! Better than standing there scratching everything off. That would mean I have to get up half an hour earlier, quite impossible! lol

Sad story now…
Sunday evening Dermot, Katrina and me were watching the X Factor Results. After Dermot went out to feed the cats. Missy and Bailey were there but Foxy was gone…  That happens some evenings though when we put them outside for the evening as they are quite annoying sometime when you try and watch TV in peace. Anyway, it went midnight and he was still not back so we left it because he didn’t come back the night before.
Monday morning… still no sign of him,  lunch time… no sign, evening… no sign…..
It is Tuesday evening now… 5.30pm and he is still not back! 😦  Bailey is not happy. Cuddling up the whole time so he knows Foxy is not just gone to the vet or something like that. I put him up on some websites and hopefully somebody finds him or he comes back!
It is very very unusual for him not to come back! I would say someone took him into their house! (C****s!!!!) I hate people doing that!!!! What the fuck like… he doesn’t look like he is a stray cat!!! His coat is very healthy! I can tell you if I find that person who took him I kill him/her!!! And that is not a joke!!!

I keep you updated anyways if we find him or not

Talk to you all then!


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