Successful week in one way

Helloooo 🙂

Oh my god sooo happy!!! Why? I went to the dentist on Thursday ( Yes, I went again lol). The dentist told me last time that my left back tooth is in the same bad shape as the one what was pulled out 3 weeks ago. He looked at it then and thank god I was lucky! It wasn’t actually and he was able to clean it out and pull a filling on it! 🙂  It would have been a bit awkward eating hard stuff when you don’t have any back teeth left you can bite on. And also the good thing is that this was my last visit! 🙂 The next time is just a check up every 6 months. To be honest I was getting sick of the dentist at this stage! lol I went to the dentist every month since summer I think.

Another thing happened this week that I have to tell you about. My friend Katrina was in Liverpool for a few days. When she came back from her holidays she had to find out that b**** Lucy left without giving her any notice. This girl has absolutely no brain!!! I hate her guts anyways!! Such a selfish b**** and so two faced. It is unbelievable I can not wait until she is getting in so much trouble soon!! 🙂
Anyway, I help Katrina out because obviously she couldn’t stay in that apartment anymore. It would mean that she has to pay b****es rent as well.  And that price is not worth the apartment. There is much better apartments around town for less money.  We’ll see what happens.

This weekend is crazy! Take That and Westlife are on the X Factor. Yesterday Dermot, Katrina and me watched a documentary about them.  It was really good I have to say! 🙂

Since the middle of the week I got the flu! the joy of that! 😦 I hope it is getting better soon because tomorrow I have to go back to work. Working with the flu doesn’t make better though does it? I think it wouldn’t make a difference and take a day off for it and then be fitter for Tuesday but I don’t know yet!

Going to eat my Clementines now and watch a bit of TV and browse the web. Nothing too exciting on a Sunday afternoon!



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