A week back in work!

Hello again! πŸ™‚

It is Sunday!!! 😦 Means work again tomorrow but oh well that’s life and I have to earn money somehow don’t I? πŸ™‚

This week went good in work. It was hard to go back on Monday when you are off for a week but the week was pretty quiet in general. Must be the season.

On Friday Dermot and me went for dinner in the bistro in town. It’s more of a pizzeria really. I had pizza of course and it was yum. It was just the right size! 9 inch! I was stuffed after though. We didn’t go anywhere after. I was actually really tired then so I went to bed and watched a bit of tele.

On Saturday, yesterday, we slept in. Like every weekend! lol In the afternoon we went into town and got a few things done like getting HDMI cable, getting a few new adapter and a new toilet seat for Dermot! πŸ™‚
Also we went up to the lighthouse to look at the Christmas lights. Of course we have not picked anything yet but I think I know which light I am getting already! πŸ™‚
In the evening we sat down in front of the tele and watched X Factor again. Matt was amazing again!

Today I stayed in bed until 12pm I think it was. Dermot brought brekkie in bed! πŸ™‚ Too nice!
I got up then and talked a bit to my mum online and played a few games.

Missy the kitten loves the house now. She stayed in the house all day today. She didn’t poo poo anywhere. Thank god! This means she is allowed in more often. There is a storm going on in Ireland. You can’t feel it that bad in town. But we went out to Strandhill earlier to get some food and the wind was horrible! So stormy!
I had yummy Roast Beef in our favorite restaurant “Bella Vista”. Β I ate it all! Usually I don’t manage it but that was so yummy I just had to eat it all! πŸ™‚

Well tonight it is just a lazy night in front of the lappy until around 7pm and then we are watching X Factor of course! Wonder who is going tonight. I hope it is either Mary, Wagner or Katie!



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