Relaxing Holiday Week

Time to blog again guys! 🙂

Last Monday I went to Germany to see my mum and granny and also to take a week off work. Had a great time.  Didn’t do too many exciting things. Only chilled out on the couch in the evening time, watching tele and have a drink or two.

No one of my friends were at home at that time so no meet ups.

I went to see my granny in the nursing home and she was very happy to see me. Big surprise for her. 🙂  My mum and me got her some flowers as well.
Another day my mum and me went for dinner. Greek!!! YUMMY! We don’t have Greek in Ireland. At least I’ve never seen it here. It was the best dinner ever! 😀

Of course I couldn’t resist to buy the yummy crispy duck at Famila. You would think I went to Germany for the food. Haha Indeed the food is better than in Ireland I have to say. If you buy Take Aways here they are all fatty and not very healthy like.
Great holidays I had. It was too short though.

I went back to Ireland on Saturday and Dermot collected me at Dublin airport with flowers. So cute! 🙂

That evening we still went out because we planned to go to a Halloween Fancy Dress Party. To be honest I was very tired and didn’t really want to go out but because it was the only night I could have gone out we went anyway.  🙂 We had great fun I have to say. We went to Mc Hughs first and then to Velvet. Katrina, Dermot and me went up on the dance floor in the end as well.

Me, dresses as “Bo Bo – The Clown” and Dermot, dressed as “Zombie doctor”

Me and Katrina, dressed as “Zombie School Girl”

Dermot stabbing Katrina

Sunday I did my own little Halloween party with Dermot, his sister Julie Ann and Katrina and myself of course.  I made dinner for us all. We had Garlic Bread, spooky chicken nuggets and spagetti with “Wiener Wuerstchen” lol Planned to have spooky jelly dessert after with mice in it but we were so stuffed that we just had tea instead.  😀

Of course it was X Factor night again. 🙂  So glad that Belle Amie are finally gone!!!



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. julesworld
    Nov 01, 2010 @ 22:10:26

    welchen griechen? rhodos?? da gibts die besten kretanischen kartoffeln auf der ganzen welt….und beim chinesen hol ich mir auch immer take away wenn ich im lande bin 😉


  2. Janine
    Nov 01, 2010 @ 22:15:18

    Jap, Rhodos an der Mueritz! lol Das is ja der einzige bzw beste Grieche in Waren. Hab aber Gyros gegessen. Musste das einfach haben. Gibt es ja bei uns leider nicht und ich hatte mich darauf schon so gefreut. 🙂
    Na klar der Chinese is lecker ohne Ende! 😀


  3. julesworld
    Nov 01, 2010 @ 22:18:42

    rhodos rules lol.da werd ich auch wieder hin…jetzt hab ich totalen bock auf die kartoffeln…hmmm


  4. Janine
    Nov 01, 2010 @ 22:19:41

    haha ich mag kartoffeln nicht so gerne. 🙂


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