I had a dentist appointment today to get one of my teeth filled. Turns out though that it has been delayed to November because my other tooth that has been filled was so painful since Tuesday evening so I wanted to take care of that one first. Decided in the end to get it taken out. Didn’t feel anything. Thank God for that. My mouth was numb until now and the after pain is not bad so hopefully it is healed by Saturday.

I am going to the cinema tomorrow with Dermot and Katrina. Watching “The Social Network” Can’t wait to see it. It is all about facebook. Heaven! lol The week after I will probably go as well because the second part of “Paranormal Activity” is out. Perfect for Halloween. 🙂

It is only 11 days I am going for a few days. Unfortunately Dermot won’t be with me but I’ll survive. No one of my friends are at home either. They are all over the place but at least I can see my mum and granny. Will go shopping as well I think.

Haven’t got any plans for this weekend yet. It is handy that I actually didn’t have to pay for the dentist today so I have more money in spare when I fly over to Germany. 🙂

I forgot to tell you. Crazy evening on Monday I think it was. Bailey brought back a mouse. That’s not it though. I was outside because the cats got fed and suddenly I saw this huge badger looking at me. That was kinda scary. lol But I haven’t seen it since. Thank god!

Going to chill out now and play some Wii now. I got a new game at the weekend called “Wii Party”

It’s good fun but more fun with 2 players  because there is more games available.

Anyway better go… cheerio.


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