Week Over Again

Sorry I haven’t tweeted in about a week! 😦 I am bad! lol

Nothing too exciting happened during the week anyway… Work, work work! I was meant to go down to Athlone tonight and work there as well with Dermot and another colleague but we didn’t go in the end because it got too late.

As you know Photography Course is over now! It was weird yesterday doing nothing actually! Well,  I was in Katrina’s. Just had a chat and that before that we were in town looking for a dress. I found one in the end. Not easy in a small town like Sligo to be honest. We are going out tomorrow. Looking forward to that. Haven’t been out in about 3 weeks now. Should be great fun. We are going to the new nighclub “The Pure”. Also the “October Fest” is on the whole weekend. I don’t know if we get time to go though. Might go for the feast on Sunday! lol

Definitely not heading to my friends before X Factor though. I already have a fave. He is an amazing singer! ❤ His name is Matt Cardle by the way.

Maybe I am the only one who thinks he sings amazing…

Oh yeah Missy the kitten is getting friendlier and friendlier everyday! 🙂 Shouldn’t be the case because she is a wild cat and we already have 2 cats but she is such a cutie! 🙂

By the way, my fixed tooth is still alive!!! Sooo happy! Don’t need a crown or anything. So either the tooth wasn’t that bad after all or my teeth are just taking the fillings very easy. To be honest it was bad… if nearly half of the tooth falls out like! lol

Today was the worst day ever right. Childline tickets went on sale. I know, that is a good thing but the shit thing about it is that I didn’t get any. 😦 I had 2 standing tickets but website played up and I lost them and I couldn’t get new ones because the whole gig sold out within 1, yes 1 minute! FS! For anyone who doesn’t know what childline is. It is a fundraiser where starts like Westlife, The Script, The Wanted, Shayne Ward etc perform.

I let you guys know on Sunday how the new nightclub is like. Hopefully I won’t be that drunk! haha



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