Helloooo 🙂

Sorry I haven’t posted in 2 days but work was busy. I had to do updates for work yesterday evening so I didn’t really get a chance to write my blog.

Nothing exciting has happened the past 2 days though… Today I was trying to do my homework for the photography club on Thursday… Action Photography Tried to take photos of my 2 cats. Nearly impossible because they are so lazy but I managed to get a few in the end…

Yes, Foxy can stand on his twos if he needs to! lol

He loves his stick! 🙂

Bailey chasing after torch light

I was in town at like 11pm last night and people were queuing outside a game shop in the pouring rain and wind just to be the first ones to get the net game “Halo” for the X Box. Crazy people out there! 🙂

Better get going now… Have to make dinner. It will be Indian I’d say



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